Mathematical gnostics

is a deterministic theory

of indeterminism.

Prof. Jan Amos Víšek

Charles University, Prague

About Mathematical Gnostics

The aim of setting up this website is following:

  1. To introduce the basic ideas of mathematical gnostics as an efficient tool for mining the information from the uncertain data (see Introduction).
  2. To demonstrate some examples of its application (see Introduction).
  3. To provide access to selected literature on the subject including the book “Economics of Information, Mathematical Gnostics for Data Analysis” written by P. Kovanic and M. B. Humber. This book includes the complete gnostic theory of individual uncertain data and small samples. (See Books).
  4. To summarize the main stages of the development of the mathematical gnostics (see History).
  5. To express appreciations to people enabling to bring the approach to the recent state (see Acknowledgments).
  6. To provide references related to the subject (see References).
  7. To enable contacts with the people engaged in development and applications of mathematical gnostics (see Contacts).

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